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Happy November to you all!
Harmonic HQ has been abuzz in the past few weeks with the buzz of Rhodri Davies’s Harp (with paper insertion) on Richard Dawson’s epic new song ‘The Vile Stuff’ featured on the LP DL CD  ‘Nothing Important’ out on Weird World Records.

We went out ‘on the lash’ in Newcastle city centre to pay homage to the party gods and managed to summon an Asian shamanic Dragon and Crewhall Woodcut insights enjoy:

Richard Dawson - The Vile Stuff

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We’ve (me’ve, Harry Wheeler) have returned from many adventures across Asia. Here’s the second artefact for your viewing pleasure (scroll down for the first):

‘In Conversation with... George Chua’

George Chua is a long time veteran of the Singaporean art/noise scene.
Engaging with sound recordings, glissing dark drone mutations, performance art and installations. In this interview he reflects on his spiritual journey and how it relates to his creative output.

The first artefact is an article on Singapore featured in the Global Ear section of the September 2014 edition of The Wire (issue 367).

And the third is a small compilation of underground sounds from the city-state, which are featured on The Wire web site, please have a listen here.

The Wire

The forth artefact is another ‘In Conversation with…’ video with an improvisational vocalist based in Kuala Lumpur: Sie-wai Kok. Kok co-runs KLEX - Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film & Video Festival. In this video she tells us the benefits of her vocal practice and how it connects her to deep emotions.

In Conversation with... Siew-wai Kok

Happy New Year!
Ok ok, its over a month late, if it’s been unbearable for you so far don’t worry, its all going to work out from here on in, as you now have our official best wishes.
This mail-out here is to inform you of two mega uploads to our You Tube channel. Our attention has been focused (as often happens these days) on the creative hub that is the North East city of Newcastle, UK.

First up, Richard Dawson the mighty balladeer, tells us about his involvement in Tyne and Wear museum’s Half Memory project.

Surface Area Dance Theatre has a long history of creating engaging sight specific performances. Known to form collaborations with free-improv and experimental musicians such as USA’s No-Neck Blues Band. Their latest performance entitled Auricular sees them perform in the unlikely environment of an art gallery (usually it would be the local market or abandoned fire station).

Auricular utilises British Sign Language and successfully engages the viewer with dramatic emotional effect. Sound design by :zoviet*france: 

October 2013 Newsletter

We’ve managed to get hold of a real gem of a film for this year’s collaboration with Leeds International Film Festival. With ‘Silence’ we roam around a barren wind swept landscape situated on the West of Ireland, not too far from the district of Conamara, the area that was featured in ‘Atlantean (part one)’ which we screened with LIFF back in 2010.
Aside from one hauntingly beautiful folk song (featured in the trailer), we’re not so concerned about the music of the region, but rather the sound.
Irish Film maker Pat Collins, largely known for his documentary work has successfully merged genres here. The protagonist, Eoghan Mac Giolla Bhride plays a sound recordist of the same name and it just so happens that Bhride is a sound recordist in real life.  Seemingly not a natural actor, the scenes have this extended reality to them, which transcend the boundaries of fictional cinema and leave you asking questions of how the filmmakers managed to capture such subtle scenes.

We follow Bhride starting from the hustle and bustle of Berlin across the majestic beauty of Donegal, all the while with a microphone in hand, taking in the ambience.

Collins has rounded up a team of location sound recordists that include the prolific Chris Watson. This team, together with some clever mixing by Ken Galvin, engulf your ears with a sea of sounds that seem so familiar to us in our waking life. Familiar, yet these are the sounds that our brains normally block out. ‘Silence’ gives the viewer the opportunity to focus and meditate on these ‘weeds’ of the audible world with some fascinating results.

Silence Trailor

Facebook Event Page

Get hold of Tickets here

Film Screening: Silence

Only a few days until the North of Englands most Kick Ass musical/art/craziness festival: TUSK 2013

TUSK Festival 2012


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September Newsletter Head
Welcome Septemberes!
We’ve had a full on sunshine summer, although its just got notably colder and just as the summer was warm we can expect an equally sub zero winter, but never fear, The Five Star Family Elan are here with an event that’ll be sure to keep you warm all the winter long.
Chris Hladowski’s Family Elan project has long been known to mine out obscure folk songs from around the globe and reinvent them the only way a Bradfordian knows how.
In the last few weeks our cameras have been documenting his collaboration with local Qawwali Musicians based in Bradford and along with Dean McPhee’s electric trance guitar we can tell you first hand that the music created is sure to blast your brains into the stratosphere!
Check out some footage we shot at the rehearsals:
We’re struggling to put into words our recommendation of attending this years TUSK Festival so please check out this trailer we created for the festival instead:
We’ll have a couple more Harmonic Rooms events before the year is out including our yearly collaboration with Leeds Film Festival all to be announced very soon.

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I’m delighted to announce that Two local music legends: Mick Flower (Vibracathedral Orchestra, Flower/Corsano duo, MV & EE) and Neil Turpin (Bilge Pump, Yan Tiersen) have got together to form: Hero Zero and not only that, they’ve been added to the bill of this coming Wednesdays gig with Cian Nugent and the Cosmos + Family Elan.
Party times all the way!
In other news, Network Awesome have featured all the footage our cameras captured at last years TUSK Festival. Please click on the link below and burn away your internet hours at work:
Network Awesome
Cian Nugent and The Cosmos Rock LEEDS

Cian Nugent and The Cosmos
Cian Nugent has been causing raised eyebrows the world over during a meteoric rise from fresh faced south Dublin lad to international steel string sensation. Now joined by a merry hometown crew that the make up The Cosmos he applies his well honed chops to a distinctive brand of electric rock psychedelia that sets the rock solid and highly creative rhythm section of David Lacey and Conor Lumsden against the sublime (and occasionally Thin Lizzy-inspired) pairing of Nugent's Stratocaster and Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh's viola. They are celebrating the release of their first single on Matador Records ‘Hire Purchase’.
Its gunna be epic.

The Family Elan
Drawing broad strokes through irreverent interpretations of Bollywood hits, Turkic folk music and self penned Rock classics, filtered through a psychedelic haze of wah, fuzz, and impassioned vocals, the Family Elan attempt to navigate the tangle of melodic highways and byways in the only way they know how.

Hero Zero
"Mick Flower is something of a local legend and one of the finest experimental guitarists you could hope to hear. Flower is joined on stage by Bilge Pump's able sticksman Neil Turpin (who's also been adding his drum skills to Yan Tiersen's group recently). It's a genuinely impressive performance: two musicians completely in tune with each other performing at an astonishingly accomplished level. This isn't just music you can admire, however. As Flower glides between rock riffs and intricately beautiful passages, it's impossible not to get sucked into the performance. The jazz time-signatures and instrumental nature of the performance may not be up everyone's street, but I'm pleased to report that the ever-enthusiastic Brudenell crowd seemed to love it."
-- Andy Brown (Soundblab)Wednesday 22nd


May 22nd 2013
Wharf Chambers
23-25 Wharf Street
Advanced tickets from Jumbo Records

The Family Elan Rock the castle:
In Conversation with Cian Nugent:
Cian Nugent & The Cosmos - 'Hire Purchase'
Facebook event page



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