Architects of Harmonic Rooms & Records

Inspired by the musicians ability to transfix spectators and transform a room for a limited but unique period of time. In love with the history of traditional drinking houses of UK, the patterns, the old smoke stained wallpapers, the way the light plays with the carved glass and mirrors. Obsessed with subtle harmonics of infinite repeats found in music and mirrored in human history.

Charged by the energies of a connected crowd- We promote live events.

Obsessed by moving patterns and the flow of life – We create tailored Visuals for Live Events.

Motivated by an artists view on the world as they perceive it – We create ‘In Conversation with…’ videos… some of which are found on You Tube

To satisfy our need to be surrounded by rare and beautiful physical materials - We release records.

With an incline towards the natural, avant-garde, mysterious and wonderful things in life.

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